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Oct 30, 2012 3:00am PDT
. george bush, bill clinton tao too. george w. bush put it in the bowels of the homeland security. then remember what happened with katrina. >> bill: down in san antonio hello, kathy. >> caller: good morning, bill. thank you for giving us a sane alternative. >> bill: to you know what. yes. >> caller: i wanted to say one of the problems was -- >> bill: hey, turn your radio or tv down in the background. >> caller: sorry. >> bill: little distracting. that's it. all right. >> caller: there are problems, situations that are too vast for the states. one being -- which was one i think one of the first accomplishments of the obama administration was the development and the dissemination of the vaccine for that new virus that popped up, h1n1. it killed the group in between and that was an unbelievable accomplishment and the democrats never brag about it. >> bill: i forgot about that. but there are many, many, many roles where things -- look at our federal interstate highway system, right? look at the air traffic air-t
Oct 31, 2012 3:00am PDT
and made him fema director, and then george bush took it out of the cabinet, put it in the bowls of dhs -- >> yeah. >> bill: cut the budget and then katrina happened and fema wasn't up to the task. and now president obama has brought it back. and it does seem that we know now that fema has an important role, right? >> i think it's here to stay also, and i say this mainly just to go back to the beginning of the conversation we had earlier about how politicians can talk in theory about disaster relief but the second there is a disaster, all of that conversation changes. and the reason why fema is in existence, it's like a big disaster insurance policy that you would have if you broke your leg or something. so that's why it is there. there is a debate on the margins that says how much money should fema have, especially if we think that states will put less in their reserves if they think that fema will bail them out, but i really think that is just a question of percentages. >> bill: but mitt romney is on the record to say he would put that responsibility on the state
Nov 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
and endorsed president obama. >> yes, of course he had endorsed george bush four years before the last election. but there were a number of factors, but lead with climate change and that sandy has solidified or raised the stakes in the whole deal. he contrasted the two candidates, about their concerned levels on climate change. but then he called out a number of other things as well. largely social policies education, health care same-sex marriage, women's abortion rights, and so that's the case that he made. >> bill: a significant endorsement, i think. >> although he said -- two things that were interesting, number one that he might well have endorsed romney if it had been the mitt romney who had been governor of massachusetts. >> bill: because he is governor of massachusetts, for example, he banned assault weapons. >> okay. >> bill: right? >> yeah, but his point was -- he said it was a different candidate. >> bill: now he is for assault weapons so go figure. >> he also said he had been really disappointed in the last four years. he wasn't saying president obama
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3